Rituals are important

my daily ritual

let me not make you
part of extraordinary
let me make you
part of my ordinary
my day to day

let me make you
part of my daily grind
my fights and struggles
let me not escape them
to be with you
like how i am today
sitting with stubborness
as if i have nothing to do
and no other thoughts to think
for i have plenty to do
and much to think about
but today i am in this big
not allowing any other thought to touch me
but yours

i'd sit for a while

it is a ritual now
i arrive and i sit
in your company
we talk
and then we move on
happiness arriving with pain

may be i should put this way
happiness arrives
and leaves with pain in its fold
all my pains taken away

is there anything you leave behind

Poetry by Deeps
Read 237 times
Written on 2017-08-24 at 09:55

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