I feel so much.

Border-Line Nostalgic.

I will never forget how I would lie in the middle of the railroad track on Sundays, across the county border line, just so I could tell you that I was in two places at once. You would shake your head and tell me that standing on railroad tracks was illegal. I told you that you had no sense of adventure, and quite possibly no soul.

That day you wouldn't come, I rode full speed down the hill with my legs on the handlebars of my mother's bike, and if I squinted my eyes and angled my head the world disappeared and it was just me, just me and gravity and no regrets and wind in my ears.

I swear to god my hands lifted off the handlebars and flew away, and to this day I still can't find them, but you, you know where they are.

I got a ticket for walking on those railroad tracks, and I rode down that hill two weeks ago remembering you and when I crashed at the bottom I broke my collarbone, and I thought I felt you hold my hand.

But then I remembered that you are dead and no one can be in two places at once.

Words by Inked.
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Written on 2006-05-21 at 23:06

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You captured my mind. Excellent!
Hugs, Richard

Yes. (to below and to text.)


I love it.

I have to tell you that the title is basically... genious. Which I always misspell. I suspect I've misspelled it here, but I don't care too much.

It sounds beautiful and painful all at the same time. Much like every aspect of life. If you actually live.