Please read as much as needed.

Decision To Make

Where to begin ? Well as far as the plagiarism that was admitted to how many have not come forward ? Do we really know this site is safe ? I have put up posts that allowed the reader to take from it anything they wanted, but how do I know what else I have written is safe here ? I have done this at times myself posted more than one poem at a time, maybe we need to monitor ourselves more. Post one critique on one, if we need to maybe set up a running FAQ about some general guidelines. I know for a lot of writers, it is emotional, which is a good thing but we need to think about stepping away from that. I do my best to comment on as many as I can, a lot have returned the favor by commenting back on mine. That is how it should be, but it's not happening enough, nor is anyone challenging anyone to improve. It's great to be optimistic, but we have to be realistic as well not many of us will make money at this, but we can improve as writers and people by being a bit more honest. Not insulting, if you see something that you do not like read something else from that author to see what they have to offer and see if you can help them get better. It is almost summer here and I want to spend my time, what's left anyway with my girlfriend who is moving away and to painting I need to get my life going towards being the artist I have wanted to be since I was two. It is nothing personal or with any animosity towards anyone here, I could be back but I am not sure yet. So keep writing, and work towards making this a great community again.

Words by Jon Hanover
Read 862 times
Written on 2006-05-22 at 08:36

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Amanda K
hey there,
Do write more, please.

thanks and all the best on 2007,

Emeka Chike Nwogu
What is happenning to you. Show up.

Amanda K
It was very thoughtful of you to write that. I agree with we should support each other and express our opinions honestly and refer to any remarks for the poet's own good. We should be open books. At the end, no one can encourage or inspire the poet like other poets for POETRY is a Passion.

Victoria Pearson
This is the first time I have come upon this area of the site..I am very new here. perhaps just under a month..while I cannot comment on what was said "decision to make" because I am new....

I just thought I would say why it is I joined this site..I have been writing for a long time...have been on other sites as purpose is to allow others to view what I call my Poetry and relay to me what they liked or did not like about my work...I have critiqued work that I have seen here, the only thing that I can say is whether I liked it or not and why.

I know I will not make money at this craft, but I want to become as good as I can be.

I enjoy using different forms of poetry writing....Sonnets.. Triolets..Villanelle, Rictameter....and others..but if others do not choose to write in these be it...I happen to use the upper case I when it is called for ...but if another chooses not to be it...I write because I have it in me and so I enjoy it...

I would like to be a part of this site...and I hope that everyone will get will certainly make me I want all to critique of my work good or bad I am ready to accept any voice. want to be the best that I can be...and that means and endless learning process.

Glad to be here !!!

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Hey Jon,

I appreciate what you say and the feelings that you have. And i think your enthusiasm and encouragement and ideas will be missed on the Bay. But i do have one thing to say. Sometimes people don't actually want to improve, be better or be right. They just want to enjoy the process of doing and to be given some praise for their effort in trying. See to me, the power and the joy is in the attempt, it is in making the effort. And what is right or wrong or good or bad anyway? They are but opinions for the moment, which last as long as a whimsical thought in the mind. Just my slant on life. Hope to see you back soon.

You have made some very good points here about the bay and how to run it better.
As an Anarchist I like the no rules,no laws, but as most Anarchists it is only because I can not make them myself.. hehe.
As a fan of both your art and person it pains me that you will not be here. I perfectly understand your reasons,, but I hope to have you back by Fall.., or I will come and get you.

Kathy Lockhart
You have given me something to think about. This site is like life, no better, no worse. We take our chances whereever we are. Some will abuse us, some will help to improve us, and some will pass us by. I wish you the best. I hope you enjoy your summer, spending time with with your loved one before she leaves and painting. How blessed you are with that talent. Thank you for sharing here you thoughts, time, comments, and talents. You have made some good points and all have been to make this place positive. I commend you for that as well.