And all my life I've prayed for someone like you
And I thank God for that

Locked in my own ocean of tears - The Final Part

Hold me tight, Hold me tight, come on know, Hold me tight
Oh how I love that feeling,
When we're hugging, it's been a while.

No, no, no, no whatcha you doing? Oh please, please, please don't let go.
Hold me a little longer, so when You let go
that feeling remains in my heart.

Ahhh! sure hold him instead,
Give him your wet kisses on his mouth,
Sure do the whole thing with him
Don't mind if tears run down my gloomy face......
Really it's just the rain, but it reflects my tears.

Now then let me just sit here in the corner all alone,
Don't even bother looking when I'm tossing and turning
Aggressively from the smoke that arises,
You know from my heart and everything

It feels like I'm as Le Grain de Sable, nothing more than a filthy grain
Who for ones in a while, wished to be seen......

Or why not as my friend Lea expresses it: "Now that I'm looked within the sea."? And finalize with the quote; "Realized at this moment, that he is himself, that You will always remain as You,
and that I, don't exist, at least not around here......

Poetry by Chuke
Read 616 times
Written on 2006-05-22 at 10:47

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