wrote this to a friend so he could give it to his girlfriend :), enjoy I hope

You and I

Days are so lonely and nights are blue.
Yes dark is the night, yet stars shine so bright......

I know that I play the foolish fool,
I've waited so long for someone like You.

Every girl I find, I play and move on But with You
all I want is in You, and now you gonna feel the tear
drops start to fall, waiting each night for You to ring a call.

I really wish that we could go back to the brand new start,
so that You perhaps could find me a place within your heart.

As true as the rain falls from the sky my love for You is like a
river that will never run dry...

Yes dark is the night, and stars will still shine so bright,

So here is my farewell to you my LOVE,
I never loved You, I don't love You, I'm in love with You......

Poetry by Chuke
Read 736 times
Written on 2006-10-02 at 15:52

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Love Knight
I really love your style on love. My style on love is almost similar to yours. But I love this. I do. I guess it left a friend Happy!!!