Somewhere in the Heart of Darkness

Somewhere in Africa
The hungry hunts
The reckless rakes
The feckless fakes
The poor prones
The weak weeps

Somewhere in the Heart of Darkness
Monsters mock
Monkeys mimick
Rebels rebel
Soldiers stray

Somewhere down the throat of Africa
Someone cries
Someone weeps for hunger
Someone swipe below the pines

Poetry by Onyeka Nwelue
Read 1250 times
Written on 2006-05-22 at 13:38

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Christoffer Waye
Areal tuching poem, real heart felt, great writing :)

you wouldn't believe just how powerful this piece is .. one of my friends would love you to death if she read this pro Africa people are really amazing in your struggle for the continent ! and i admire it greatly ... keep writing ... we need young people like you to keep up the fight !!

Almost every individual knows how true peace can be achieved - every faith and belief system pretty much has that pat - but there is something ornery within the human nature that belligerently choosed to go the otherway....

Jon Hanover
I cannot even imagine any of the 50 + countries in the continent of Afica ever co-existing in peace. Probably due to the political instability of the governments, and the radical interpritations of religion. Very powerful write my friend.