I have company,
the ticking clock and tinnitus,
thoughts are a nuisance,
shoot the TV with the remote
defiant it moves and mouthes
its flicky pictures
and I the uninterested
watch hands move,
tiredness is stalling
real life,
there is fidgeting,
I focus
wanting music
not movement,
effort required
and utilised,
head on hand
darkness in eyes,
freedom jumps in,
my dreams.

Poetry by shells
Read 700 times
Written on 2017-10-13 at 01:28

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Rob Graber
"A watched pot never boils," and the hands of a watched clock scarcely move. What an effective evocation of serious boredom!

Yah, I want music and the good stuff from TV, but
it's not there anymore. That's why I dumped cable.
You shoot the TV with the remote. I'd like to shoot
it with something else.