Loosely based on the Reel Big Fish song "Trendy". You will see some similarities, if you've ever heard the song, but it has a completely different beat, trust me.


Everybody's switching,
and I'm not quite sure to where,
I just hope they haven't been consumed,
by the disease that strips their brains bare.

Everybody's doin' it,
drugs and alcohol,
and the too-rich shoes that make the echoes,
down these hollow halls.

The preps are who I speak of,
be wary, cuz talk is cheap,
with their poor kept secrets,
that their mouths refuse to keep.


I mean,
It's not so bad,
bein' preppy,
everyone who is my clone is my friend,
if you hate me because I'm preppy,
I might just laugh at you again.

And I know that they're rich and it's just a life style,
but wow,
they're who the world listens to now?
It's my word against theirs,
and I'm held to be less,
and it's about time to get this hatred off my chest.

I wish I didn't have to,
I wish everyone was equal,
but greed and partisan exists,
and they both consume people,
so please stop talking,
while I tell you what I think,
about the kind of stupid people,
that slip drugs into drinks.

(Chorus X2)

So I'm gonna go ask mom and daddy,
and they're both gonna give me lotsa money,
"Dad, those people look really nice,"
"Stay away, they're just fake preps, honey."


Poetry by Lucas
Read 791 times
Written on 2006-05-22 at 18:20

Tags Preps 

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