Same guy.

Oh Nolan--

Who Said Dying Wasn't an Art?

She said today would have been his eighteenth birthday, but he is dead and dead people don't get any older, which is why I like them. If they don't get older they don't have a chance to make stupid mistakes.

But his biggest mistake was dying.

I told you today that he crashed up on Jefferson, just to see if you were listening, and you told me that was nice and asked me what comes on TV tonight, and I said I didn't know, but really I did because I know useless things and I like to lie and I make mistakes and I will keep on making them until I die or my TV show ends, whichever comes first.

Words by Inked.
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Written on 2006-05-23 at 03:03

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You're so screwed and twisted and I love you.

me and my family have heard the news report and i just want to say we feel your pain, and my sister goes to his school

wow, this was better than anything i could write

Nolan. Oh god.

Stupid things happen that never EVER should. Life ends so easily and so fast. And that makes me hate life and the world and everyone on it.

I've been so full of hate lately.

Christian Ward
You are a genius (if you didn't know that already). And this proves my point.

I have been depressed all day.