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[27 Nov] - Editors' Choice Nominations (result)


Hi everyone,


Tonight we've posted the 6 'Editors' choice' chosen by the PB community's nominations for the home page.  


From 26 October to today, 27 Nov, we asked for the community to select their favorite poems/texts on PB, dated from 2005 to today.  We received a few nominations by comment and PM.  


Here are the final nominated selections :


1.  Sweet Sixteen by Esti D-G (2010)


2.  Reflections by Elle (2013)


3.  Chromaticity by Ashe (2014)


4.  Down a Long Road by countryfog (2015)


5.  The River by Kathy Lockhart (2016)


6.  The Waiting Game by Helen Paquin  (2017)





The other nominations are also worth a visit by the community :


- In Worship of Your Beauty by Lastromantichero (2006)



- A Silent Goodbye~In the Tropical Breeze by Ashe (2017)



- The Last Leaf of Autumn by Kathy Lockhart (2017)


-  My Pet Acorn by Jamsbo Rockda (2017)




All of the nominations were good!  It's just we have only room for 6 selections on the homepage.



Thank you for your nominations!



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Written on 2017-11-27 at 23:56

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