Just a character poem snippet from a novel idea I have. Part one of several that reveal his horrendous backstory.

'Saxons Poem'


The Ungodly one felt insecure,
So he called his Eldest to his side,
He wanted to know an answer to a question,
That only his son could provide,

Like the good child he was,
The Eldest came quickly to his father's call,
He ended up wishing he hadn't for his father asked,
"Son who do you love most of all?"

The Eldest became afraid,
His father sounded very mad,
He countered the question with one of his own,
"Is everything alright dad?"

"Everything's fine." His father barked,
The ungodly one fixed his son with a big grin,
"I'm just curious to know is all?"
"In a contest for your heart who would win?"

"Win my heart?" the Eldest repeated,
Then he observed the look in his father's eye,
He didn't like what he saw in the look,
So he decided to lie,

"Why father." He began,
"There's no question as to whom I love the best."
"It's you without a single doubt."
"It's you above the rest."

The Eldest thought his lie worked,
His father appeared to calm down.
He thought he'd be able to leave then,
But then his father frowned,

"You're lying to me boy, how could you."
"Why would you lie to me son?"
"It's as clear to me as a sunny day."
"I know who has won."

They were standing in the kitchen,
The Ungodly graced his fingers across a huge cutlery block,
"For the evil of lying to your own father,"
"I'm going to chop your face off."

The Eldest backed away,
His dark eyes glazed in an abysmal stare,
He tried to reason with his father,
"But it's true, I'm not lying, nobody else can compare!"

The Ungodly produced a cleaver,
He had many different kinds of things,
They were in all kinds of odd places,
He was going to make this punishment worth remembering,

"It's the Boy. I know it."
"He's the one who possesses your heart."
"You understand you should only have eyes for me."
"I've been the one here from the start."

His words were all bullshit,
Yet the Eldest knew his father truly believed this,
He twisted the truth into knots,
Because of his madness,

"Father you can't be angry."
"I'll confess to what's true."
"How can you possibly blame me?"
"He's my son if anything I understand you."
"Just like you I had a hand in making him."
"I understand now the deep love for a child."
"I exist only for his happiness."
"And I never thought I'd feel this...its wild."
"I never thought I'd be able to empathize,"
"With what goes on in your head,"
"But I get it now daddy,"
"Without him I'd rather be dead."
"It's not that I don't love you as well."
"Please you must understand."
"You gave me life; he gave me a purpose now."
"I feel it whenever I hold his hand."

The Ungodly took a step towards his son,
Logic didn't matter to him in the least,
In his insecure mind,
Punishment was the only release,

He was the Ungodly after all,
The single most selfish being on Earth,
Nothing was better than the love he gave,
Nothing came close to what his love was worth,

"I should have drowned him the day he was born."
"If you want to know the truth I've always hated the boy."
"I've always found him offensive."
"But I thought you'd tire of him like a toy."
"I guess this is the reward for my kindness."
"Betrayed by my own."
"I'll stand for it no longer."
"No matter what you think son I'm your home."
"There is nothing better than the love that I offer."
"You obviously need to be put back into place."
"Now come here my child."
"Let your father get a good look at your face."

The Eldest turned and ran,
He thought about running away before,
Now was just as good a time as any,
But suddenly he got shoved to the floor,

His father caught up to him,
The Eldest began to thrash and fight back,
He flipped around to face his father,
Unsure if he would survive the attack,

No matter what though he knew,
He had to try his best,
He'd run out of options,
His son depended on his success,

The cleaver came down,
The eldest grabbed his father's wrist,
He didn't expect the flash of white,
When his father struck him with his fist,

The Ungodly's free hand pummeled his child,
The Eldest tried to defend himself,
The Ungodly however was much stronger,
Where did he get this endless wealth?

His hatred might have been the reason,
It drove him; now nearly impossible to beat,
The Eldest would simply have to hate more,
If he was to ever compete,

The Eldest started to pass out,
Then his father purposefully struck,
He rammed the cleaver into his child's inky eye,
The Eldest came back to reality screaming "FUCK!"

The weapon was now wedged tight into his face,
He was screaming and his blood was spurting,
The Ungodly basked in his knowledge that,
Because of him his son was hurting,

He grabbed his child by the scalp,
And dragged him down the hall,
Only the beginning,
His son was going to lose it all,

"I do this because I love you."
"Your misguided feelings are the reason we fight,"
"It's ok because I forgive you."
"I promise I'll make it right."

The Eldest couldn't respond,
Too busy crying,
The agony unbearable,
He wished for a moment that he really was dying,

Soon the pair stopped,
They were at the Boy's bedroom,
The Ungodly already felt better,
This absurdity would be over soon,

He struck the Eldest in his temple,
To stop any bravado he could have mustered cold,
The Eldest was now truly helpless in the situation,
His father got to decide what would unfold,

To add to his misery,
The Ungodly attempted to dislodge his weapon,
The Eldest squealed all he was worth,
He had learned some kind of lesson,

The cleaver finally dislodged,
"Please." The Eldest begged, "Have some mercy."
"I'm sorry about everything, I'll be good."
"You said that you loved me."

"I do love you." His father lulled.
"You make this cold heart beat strong."
"But I won't tolerate coming in second place."
"Don't worry now my beloved this won't take long."

The Ungodly entered the bedroom,
The Boy sat cowering beside the bed,
Just a little thing,
The Boy quivered his tiny head,

"What did you do to daddy?" he asked,
The Boy how he shook,
This should have been done years ago,
The Ungodly teased "Why don't you come and take a look?"

He gestured towards the door,
The Boy saw his father crawling through its frame,
He started to cry while he trembled,
The Ungodly said "You know child you're the one to blame."
"If you hadn't been born."
"Your dad would have still been blissfully ignorant."
"His love for me would never have faltered."
"He would have been innocent."
"So who's the real monster I ask."
"Everybody in the room knows who."
"The only monster that I see."
"Is tiny ugly you."

He ravaged the child fast,
The Ungodly an incongruous unstoppable force,
One second the boy was still a boy,
The next he was faceless corpse,

When it ended and all the shouting fell quiet,
The Eldest no longer recognized his love,
His son without any discernible features,
He gave one final look to his father leering at him above,

Then he collapsed a final time,
His heart absolutely broken,
Nothing left to fill the void,
He was alone and cold and frightened,

The Eldest curled into himself,
He tried to find solace in his mind,
Unfortunately he couldn't do it,
There was no sanity left for him to find,

The Ungodly went over to his son,
He squatted beside the broken man,
Maybe now without those distractions,
His child would understand,

This punishment was originally intended for him,
The Ungodly changed his mind however,
His first born was the greatest testament to himself,
He favored him; none of the other children were better,

He could cauterize the wound, let him live mutilated,
His punishment would be to always remember this day,
He would look in the mirror and know to whom he belonged,
Yes this was the only way.

The Ungodly's insecurity left him,
It turned into something new,
He'd been far too nice in the past,
He knew now what he had to do,

He harbored this problem until now,
His children started acting different,
An odd idea he came to fear,
They were trying to become independent,

This was only the beginning,
He'd have to get mean,
Stay firm in his decision,
There couldn't be anything in between,

Pain...now that might keep them in their place,
Disfigurement even more so,
After all he knew for a fact,
He would never let them go,

Poetry by Boogie_Down
Read 816 times
Written on 2017-12-14 at 06:40

Tags Horror 

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Interesting, work, reminds of a sean in Shakespeare play: King Lear.