The one that got away

Some mornings I wake up and think about you still,
I feel your hands pressing into mine,
Weaving your fingers with my own,
When I laid my head on your chest,
I felt I'd come home,
But then I turned around to see,
That it was no longer you there,
Just a ghost of your memory.

Sometimes during the day,
I wonder if you still think of me,
If you feel the things I feel,
If my loss meant something,
That you wouldn't be,
So happy without me,
You would be out chasing shadows,
And would be looking for affection,
Where you can find it,
Sometimes I wish you were as miserable as me.

Do you still remember our little walks next to my house?
How I'd run out and meet you with a hug and a kiss to your cheek?
How we'd walk hand in hand,
I'd throw caution to the wind,
And you'd be sweating at the thought of getting caught by my dad,
I'd look into your eyes and smile,
Cause I felt I finally found my future,
The one with whom I was meant to be.

Now when I think of those almost kisses,
Those lingering touches,
I wish I had just grabbed you and laid one on you,
I thought we had all the time in the world,
Now I'm left with what-ifs and have-beens.

I wish you left me with a manual,
On how to get over you and forget you,
I wish you realized that I am someone who can feel,
I wish you saw that my feelings were real,
I wish you'd turn up at my door today asking for me back,
I wish you'd tell me that you'd never leave me again,
But I do know that won't happen,
Yet I still wish you were as miserable as me.

Poetry by Kshiti Dubey The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 965 times
Written on 2017-12-28 at 03:04

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Those moments make for precious memories. Nice write.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Bravo! A great work. Tennyson - ' sumde that love up! 'Tis to have loved and been lovede - and lost that love of your life - than not to have not experienced - love at all! ''
I suspect I may of added a word or two of my own!