Thinking while walking the dog

Walking the Dog

Come on Buddy lets go...
Get your coat and your harness,
your lead as well, and we may as well put on your flashing light collar, because who can tell, what this dark dark night will bring will bring us, pray tell.
We walk very slowly because of my back if we fall on this ice that wont be allright Jack. The sky is dark inky and jet black, stars shine like jewels shimering as we shiver back I can see Orion, the Severn Sisters and Sirius The Dog Star too.
The Moon is a quarter full tonight bright shining shining so bright. I look up skywards and ponder our fate where did we come from are we too late ....our Planet is Dying we hope that it wont, but we ignore all the signs some with ignorance and jokes.....we need to think now about travel to he Stars where our future is not the. planet Mars....Mars may well serve as a stepping Stone from this the Third one from the Sun
I can only but dream but Im not the only one, John Lennon could Imagine and if he can so can we ...we will save our Future...Let it Be.

Ps The words from the Beatles crept in.....I write stream of Concious stuff so dont really control what I write....

Poetry by John holliday
Read 860 times
Written on 2017-12-29 at 01:14

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Anyone who believes and is concerned with the demise of our planet is someone I will pay attention to his poems. Enjoyed this!

Rob Graber
For me at least, the astronomical details bring this to life.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Bravo, John, an exultant work.