The Return

Slowly I descend into this valley of darkness
Forgotten in time, the memory so vague
The creatures I convinced to be myth
Their eyes prying my descend into the dark

In the smoke I can see their eyes
I can hear them growl, moving closer
It is the creatures forgotten, they need to feed
Their hunger grows with the hearts growing ache

I carry the scars in my chest, my soul
Of the battles we once fiercely fought
The battles I won, the war I have lost
Ignorance, desire, ego, the betrayal

Betrayal of the egocentric mind
Al these years, blinding my sight
Once more I stand here alone
Thru the cycles of life I have returned

There is not enough of me left
To do all this again, on my own
The allegiances have dissolved
I stand alone, bitter, and cold

Poetry by Willem
Read 541 times
Written on 2018-02-03 at 13:01

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