recalling the start of a love affair

Wet With Reminiscence

Wet with reminiscence
scented phantoms
satin skin.

Eternal spring
of woven whispers
blush-hued exigencies
in graceful plummet down
my hungry throat
my sweat-slick skin
and goose-bumped flesh.

Whirlpools of fantasy and
torrents of dreams-would-be
sprung oh-so-suddenly
of this
unsettled soil
these warm black holes
like fresh-bled sunsets.

Two muse-struck silhouettes aflame
four burning pupils
in the midnight cool
mid-lifetime flurry
of forsaken paths
forgotten dreamscapes
unforeseen surrenders
secret surfacings
surpassed divides.

Poetry by sasha khrebtukova
Read 541 times
Written on 2018-03-03 at 20:02

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