Finally reaching the crossroads, we will find out, having been unaware.......

X Breaching the Crossroads X

To which category of human do you belong?

Finally reaching the crossroads, we will find out, having been unaware
unfulfilled obligations still remain below, but then, sadly we didn't care
past opportunities will forever be lost, leaving everything else behind
failing to have prepared, a loss only now beginning to plague our mind

Life's journey has brought us here, we at the end of the line
existence in a new form, truth finally revealed, heaven's sign
decisions are required, before we enter through our last door
destiny no longer to ignore, our time in this world is no more

Crying for those we are about to leave, those good-byes never seem to suffice
so many engulfed in self-deception, with bloated egos facilitating a life of vice
time no longer a barrier from the truth, and we will now clearly be forced to see
how we foolishly wasted precious time, thinking our own pleasures were the key

When we breach the crossroads, there will be no time left for us to reflect
all that has happened, now a memory, upon which loved ones try to connect
neither gold nor silver can do us any good; money has no value in the grave
squandering spiritual investments, eternal happiness we can no longer pave

When trust is the foundation of faith, then hope still exists, it will never take flight
what is required of us is an inner strength borne of conviction, and the will to fight
accepting nothing as too difficult, diligence is the goal to be kept constantly in sight
by utilizing the power of prayer, since it reaches above the tallest mountain height

You're alive, so never give up no matter what they tell you, you alone hold the answer
when hearing the sarcasm and negativity of those around you, avoid them like cancer
remembering always you were created in G-d's image, the entire universe will attest
a chance for eternity awaits, but first we must pass our, individually tailored, divine test

To which category of human did you belong?, of us will G-d most certainly inquire
Did you honor all men created in My Image, or did you revel in hatred and conspire?
for you to recognize My plan for a perfect world, by being an active participant I did await
thereby bestowing upon you this ability, hoping you follow My plan, using "Good" to create

I put before you the chance and ability, did you spread love, or choose to hate?
either to follow or negate evil from within, this power to choose your own fate
sound advice is to think wisely and choose nobly, and to do whatever it takes
prepare now while there is yet time, before it's too late to fix those mistakes

Poetry by Joshua Adam
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Written on 2018-03-07 at 07:12

Tags Spiritual  Inspirational  God 

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