I am here and see what happens now.
( this intro was written much after the text as I realised I was talking about here( space) and thinking about the possibilities in now( time). I wish we could meet between here and now.

I am here

I know I am sad
though it doesn't take
much to make me happy
i wonder why i am sad
there is nothing in particular
i could really attribute it to
except that
i breathe your breaths
rest at your pauses
and ride over your timbre.

i know you said
i could rest in you
and drift to sleep
with our eyes locked
and fingers braided
but when, if not now

and that still i know
would not make me happy
it seems nothing will
and yet just now

the eyes burst open
and the tears fell
with the last ones
yes, it would!

Poetry by Deeps
Read 348 times
Written on 2018-03-16 at 15:08

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