frivolously bending over

frivolously bending over
with the coming of slow spring
a rotation amongst the beasts
holding the year
to its fickle promise
I like always
dare the rest to follow
challenging all continuous time
to run with different flags

dared into soft oblivion
I call upon the numb
to reconstruct the coming
of wild water running
for a shot at supremacy
I still in doubt weigh all
on a silver lining

so subtle this one way
with I running with no-no
two faced in line for more
than just a cheap ticket
and a meal to go
men of cloth burn on the side
where fake alternatives
are sold on the open market

"leverage" she whispered
running with stars in her belt
"it is time to claim posteriority
for its unproclaimed days
withering in halls
yet untold by men laughing"
the fire crackled and died
it is time to pack deliberation
in a very small bag

(Sunday March 11 2018)

Poetry by Bob
Read 411 times
Written on 2018-03-30 at 00:28

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I see this as the passing of time, written in very elegant and beautiful words. The seasons will pass as time does with nothing we can do to stop it. Enchanting poem.