there will be no full stop

there will be no full stop
in my name
in the rubble of my life
there will be no echo
no last drink by the bell
there will only be I
there will only be this ticking
of the you in I

a cement truck crashed
in broad daylight
into the commons by law
turning all peers into concrete
muffling their cries for time
with the setting of a sun
where I will not survive
not even yesterday

what is baby blue
a sky a state of perception
a powder meant for days
when the moon doesn't shine
so where is the dog
how can I find anything
worth my time
in any fleeting almanac

evening rolled over
the light would not come back
there was a sweet scent
daring the sentient
to release more transient visas
beaten by the relentless sun
I am a pond gasping
with the onslaught of want

July 25 2018

Poetry by Bob
Read 973 times
Written on 2018-07-26 at 08:49

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I like this one: To me, it's a mixture of life and the cosmic perspective all mixed into a beautiful poem.

I cherish especially the last three lines of the third stanza and the last three lines of the fourth and final stanza.

You always present the reader with a fascinating world!