Likening myself to a cat, I must decide to stay inside and lounge with leftovers or get dressed and go out to eat.

A couple of the lines are a bit rough. Feel free to make suggestions.
Look for a extra peculiarity

Decisions, Decisions

On catty days I want to laze, and purr
myself to sleep.
I want to curl like a languishing pearl
in an oyster resting deep
I want to recline, but nip of feline piques
my curious senses
but to abandon, my companion pillow
makes me pensive
I'll think about that as a cat, pondering
the worth of nip
Can a fleeting high better the sigh, of pleasant
sleep, into which I'll slip?

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 816 times
Written on 2018-04-11 at 00:42

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I'd be happy to be a cat in my next life. Your first four lines are purrrfect.

I love the internal rhymes! Nicely done!

Kathy Lockhart
Warm, cozy, and purrfectly dreamy, this sways me to stay and sleep. The visuals are soothing as well. Lovely in every way.