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[5 Jun] - Editors' Choice Nominations (result)


Hi everyone,


Tonight we've posted the 6 Editors' choice from the PB community's nominations for the Home page.  


From 20 May to 3 Jun, we asked for the community to select their favorite poems/texts on PB, dated from 2005 to today, that they would like to see featured on the Home page. 


We received quite a few nominations by comment, by PM, and by email.  


Here are the final nominated selections :


1. 1989 by Thomas De Freitas


2. Getting Better by MsImaginary


3. Earnestly Yours by Praveen Bhusal


4. In the Rain by Chaucer Whethers


5. Waves by FrancescaLuca


6. Sonnet:  "In Defiance of Melancholy" by Ngoc Nguyen





The other nominations are also worth a visit by the community :


Clouds by Elle


-  2010 by Thomas DeFreitas


-  Tankas for Tomorrow by Bibek

-  Break-up Villanelle by Bibek


-  Of Sweden by Ashe


-  The Lonely Lane by Bibek


-  Existence by Sagi


-  Over the Horizon by Lawrence Beck


All of the nominations were good!  It's just we have only room for 6 selections on the Home page.



Thank you for your participation!


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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Well done Guy's good job, so proud of you all.