Almost There

Silence echoes through my mind
as rage consumes my heart
With self-control beyond my reach
I slowly fall apart

I fight the demons in my head
but darkness takes control
The searing heat of nothingness
burns deep within my soul

But nothing seems to remedy
all the pain I feel inside
So all that I can think of are
these thoughts of suicide

My life has faded far away
so far beyond my grasp
So deep is my despair I don't know
how long I can last

Oftentimes I've thought about
just who would mourn my death
If anyone would even care
that I've drawn my final breath

Would anyone remember me
or cry because I've passed
So deep is my despair I know
there's no way I can last

Poetry by Pure Evil
Read 291 times
Written on 2018-07-23 at 20:08

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