Canadian primary reserve infantry training exercises occur once every 60 days in the regiment in every season and weather. The intensity approaches the real thing in the soldiers eyes with explosive charges and blank ammo.

Platoon in Defence

Rain drips from a dead pitch pine
To further soak my drenched combats
Helmet straps chafe neck my spine
Contorts to the radio's pack

Day six in the hide with a promise of sun
Guarded optimism we've heard before
Trenches dug sighted machine guns
Wire up mines layed post held claymores

The platoon in defence of non combatants
Protect with our lives is the standing order
The warlords are coming trying my patience
No knowing taking its toll on the others

Alpha to my right Bravo center Charlie left
Defence in depth one hundred meters
Holding a front from the road to a cleft
Razor wire filled impassable to flankers

The troops are stoic wet and tired
They trust in me and I in them
They know their roles and what's required
Well drilled and taught by the CSM

Master corporals lead each team
Vets who've done it all before
Hard men all with a streak of mean
But love their troops all the more

Thanks CSM for the M&Ms
Yep heard the trucks moving slow
Somethings up those aren't just sims
The net heats up movement below

Flare's up positions in coming rounds
Alpha and Charlie report contact
Weapons fire from crew served guns
Hold em boys it's a LAVs attack

Two down now one still active
Breached our wire overrun our lines
Fallback Fallback call in the arty
Get down hot shrapnel's whiz and whine

Advance is stopped position's held
Clear your weapons gather round
After action in twenty minutes
Another training week on the ground

Poetry by josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-05-31 at 20:55

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