Another pretty old thing!

All in my mind

Tall green trees beautifully spaced around,
Like angels watching over us.
Grass cut into charming shapes.
A dense colourful forest within striking distance,
A rivulets flowing peacefully right through.
Roses, carnations planted about,
Tulips, dandelions, geraniums included,
Congregated to bear witness to our love.

In my state of mind,
Wherein love, beauty reigned,
I sighted doves cruising not far above us,
A mouse watching on from behind the geranium,
Birds singing therapeutically from the forrest,
Butterflies jumping excitedly from one flower to another,
Fishes watching on shyly,
They all were witnesses.

We were holding hands, oblivious,
Looking into each other's eyes,
Confessing our love, besottedness for one another.
Terrestrial species close and far off felt it,
Aquatic animals felt it too,
The universe celebrated with us.
Word spread about that we kissed,
A moment of silence was called for.

Alas!, these never seemed to inspire me,
I jealously watch you walk about,
Alas!, it is all in my mind.

Poetry by Advice
Read 208 times
Written on 2018-11-08 at 21:50

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