This poem is nonfiction. I really would rather watch paint dry.

I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry

There is something that I hate and It's something I won't deny.
I hate the new Doctor Who TV show, I'd rather watch paint dry.
I even complained to the BBC, and told them that I hate their show.
If you're wondering if I'll ever watch it again, the answer is hell no.
I've written several poems about Doctor Who and you may wonder why.
It's because I hate it with all of my heart and soul, I'd rather watch paint dry.
I hate it because the BBC uses it to cram political correctness down people's throats.
I'd rather watch a show about a man who is married to a goat.
I loved the classic Doctor Who TV show but I hate the new, and that's not a lie.
I wish they would cancel the new Doctor Who because I'd rather watch paint dry.

Poetry by Randy Johnson
Read 857 times
Written on 2019-02-17 at 19:33

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I see, we are many ✌

Dr Who died when Tom Baker left, in my humble opinion