A rhapsody on a preteen catholic boy's Sunday. Long ago and far way ...


Of course... the sun
Blazing in the window
Our Father....
Rushing to white shirt and flannels
Hail Mary...
A starch stiff surplice
On a hanger but could stand alone
Glory Be....
Bright spring morning green with promise
Running down Virginia to St Rose of Lima
Soutane with too many buttons
Kyrie Eleison...
Brass and bee's wax candles held in regimental order
Sneakers on marble halls with beretta'd priests
In solemn march to alabaster sanctuaries
Gloria in Excelsis....
Fervent prayer for new baseball mits and small bells
Cruets and incense
Patins and nods
Latin and sermons
Both incomprehensible
Holy God We Praise Thy Name....
Racing Billy down Virginia
Bacon eggs toast and Dad's homily
Fully comprehensible
World Adventure Series with George Peirot
Mutual of Omaha
Bikes on a leisurely 3:00 pm ride
Back to Benediction
Oh Salutaris Hostia...
Of course...the sun
Blazing through the window
Fervent loving hues of grandeur
Tantum Ergo...
Pot roast and mashed potatoes
Table talk and maybe a bit of watered wine
Bless Us Oh Lord....
Homework too long delayed
In the hope of it being miraculously done
Fatigue..the good kind built from an honest day
BlessThis House Oh Lord We Pray...
Our Father...
Hail Mary....
Glory Be....

Poetry by josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-03-17 at 14:39

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
I really like this. Dad's always have a breakfast homily. And I smiles at the hope of homework "miraculously done". You have a fine memory for details.

Masterful! There's so much I missed, good and bad, by having been born after the Council.

Good to see the ol' Tantum Ergo! (You can still hear it in certain places in Boston.)

I love that the priest's homily is as incomprehensible as the Latin prayers, but Dad's "homily" is fully comprehensible!

Excellent job.