I wrote this four years ago and came across it today. Thought I’d share...


I found a heart shaped bruise today
It reminded me of you
I bruise more easily as I age
Thanks to potions that keep
Me here away from you

For I age and you do not
Your lovely face and loving spirit
Always In my thoughts and dreams
The youthful vigorous caring you
Suspended in time and space

As I grow old with memories
that blur with age and share
My borderlands of dreams
And waking thoughts

I discover you there in the corners
Of my consciousness
A wondrous joyous finding on
An aimless wander
through my cluttered dusty halls

Whilst on that haphazard trek
As I hear life's music
Surround me in its wonder
I find intimacy and comfort
Knowing that you
Must somehow hear it too

Poetry by josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-04-20 at 17:18

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I cherish especially the first two stanzas and the last one. I'm charmed by the fresh phrase "haphazard trek"! And the delicacy, indeed the poignancy, of the last two lines. Thank you for sharing this daydream!