A first draft. In this sonnet there are lines with more than 10 syllables (per 5 iambic feet). This was intended; so in keeping with this poetic form great pains were taken to invest only 5 beats per more or less iambic line. That said, enjoy (the read)!

In Eulogy of Donall Janus Tramp

In eulogy of Donall Janus Tramp
(the Grand Old Party's best and choicest loser
who sleazed and promised us he'll purge “the swamp”),
you live up to your name for there's none cruder
than you:—and you behave like a male hussy
who'd lay your daughter cause she's a blonde peach
and chirpily urge Bush to “grab [women] by
the pussy” (on video) in no figure of speech.
How to laud you our Commander-in-Chief;
when all you do is lie, distort and threaten
your way out of the charge that you're a thief
and fraud with whom Lord God has yet to reckon?
And God help those immigrant children at the border,
dear Tramp:—now dying by your executive order!

© 2019 Ngoc Nguyen...All Rights Reserved.

Sonnet by Ngoc Nguyen The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-06-26 at 10:50

Tags Poetry  Poem  Life 

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A well-wrought poetic summary of these distressing times, with DJT in Casa Blank. I admire the poem, while intensely wishing that the circumstances it describes would change, very soon!