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(A stranger in a strange world. A wanderer just passing through.). A Lithium-lipped lyrist, Prozac-penned poet, and ribald-rhyming rhymer (as well as tormented soul) forever panting for Parnassus. We'll see where my lines lead me in the near and distant future—whether I merely am just an accidental dabbler who enjoys literature and reading and writing poetry as a craft and as forms of intellectual and spiritual exercise, or if I am something more permanent and perennial as a genuine maker of verse from the mythological spring of Mount Pierus? Only time can tell.

~Ngoc Nguyen~

Ngoc Nguyen

56 years old from USA

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''What Beauty Is (To The Geometrist)'' Reprised - 2024-05-24
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On the Beginning of Things and the First Principles of Being or Existence - 2024-04-05
The Insignificance of Skin Color (2) - 2024-04-05
For Manic, Listless, Bipolar, Mad Souls (1) - 2024-04-01
O Bipolar, Harass Me Nevermore! (1) - 2024-04-01
On Youth, Love, and the Muse in Three Parts - 2024-03-30
When I Pen Lines, Fresh Thoughts of Vincent Van Gogh - 2024-03-13
When Solitude Is All I'll Ever Know - 2024-03-13
When Songs of Joy Are Sung, Deep and Full-Throated (2) - 2024-03-08
A.M. Verses on a Sleepless Night (3) - 2023-11-27
Pi, Euler's Number (e), and the Square Root of Two (3) - 2023-11-25

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"To have the soul of a poet is to feel with the mind, and to think with the heart (whilst being sensitive to the divine impulse of God)."