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A stranger in a strange land. A soul just passing through. An aspiring poet through combined agency of Fortuity and Happenstance. We'll see where my poetry leads me in the near and distant future—whether I am merely just an accidental dabbler who enjoys reading and writing poetry and literature as a craft and form of mental exercise or I am something more lasting and permanent as a sincere maker of lines and verses? Only time will tell.

~Ngoc Nguyen~

Ngoc Nguyen

52 years old from USA

MY TEXTS, Archive 189 Texts

On Aging (1) - 2021-04-26
Fugitive Fragments Pieces One, Two, and Three (1) - 2021-04-10
''I Think, Therefore I'm Glam!'' - 2021-04-05
Packaged, Dried Instant Ramen Earthworm Noodles (2) - 2021-02-18
''For Everything There Is A Chosen Time'' (2nd draft) (1) - 2021-02-14
''The Nightfall Preys on the Bipolar Mind'' (2) - 2021-02-11
The Marvel of Nature - 2021-02-10
In a Day of the Life of a Bard Is Much Ado About Nothing - 2021-02-08
Sundry Lines in Alexandrine (1) - 2021-02-07
''I Long for Thy Truant Inspiration'' (1) - 2021-02-05
An Almost Dangerous Instance of Bipolar-Disorder Mania in My Words and in My Rhymes - 2021-02-03
Truncated Sonnet: ''A Sonnet Begets Life'' (1st draft) - 2021-02-01
''Portrait of a Panic Attack'' Rewrit (1st draft) (3) - 2021-01-30
''Suspended Souls In Iambic Pentameter'' (1st draft) - 2021-01-24
''A Poet's Upbeat Self-Reflection on His Unhappy Existence'' (1st draft) - 2021-01-22
''Ivory Tower'' (2nd draft) - 2021-01-21
''Mental Masturbation''; or, Members of Mensa and Internet High-IQ Societies Shamefully Wasting Their High-IQ - 2021-01-20
''Musings on Poetic Rhythm, Meter, and Measure'' (3rd draft) - 2021-01-20
''A Lonesome Soul, I Haunt This Teeming Earth'' (1st draft) - 2021-01-18
''A Monologue on Free Will and Choice'' Remolded (1) - 2021-01-18

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"To have the soul of a poet is to feel with the mind; think with the heart; and be sensitive to the divine impulse of God."