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A stranger in a strange world. A wanderer just passing through. And a tormented soul and poet in search of Parnassus. We'll see where my lines lead me in the near and distant future—whether I merely am just an accidental dabbler who enjoys literature and reading and writing poetry as a craft and as forms of intellectual and spiritual exercise, or if I am something more permanent and eternal as a genuine maker of verses from the mythological spring of Mount Pierus? Only time can tell.

~Ngoc Nguyen~

Ngoc Nguyen

54 years old from USA

MY TEXTS, Archive 252 Texts

Lyrical Musings on Rhythm, Meter, and Measure - 2021-01-20
A Work in Progress - 2021-01-18
On Survival (1) - 2021-01-18
''Fragment II'' Rewrit; or, ''Poetic Augmentation'' (1) - 2021-01-16
''Fragment I'' Jacked Up (1) - 2021-01-16
Deep Words for Pause - 2021-01-16
A Bipolar Mania in Rhyme - 2021-01-14
''To Err Is Human; To Forgive, Divine'' —Alexander Pope (2) - 2021-01-08
''An Appeal to My Muse's Inspiration'' (1st draft) - 2021-01-08
''Life, Ne'er the Primrose Path of Dalliance...'' (1st draft) (1) - 2020-11-23
O, Villanelle So Beautiful! - 2020-07-21
''O Sacred Muse! How You Inspire Me So,'' a Villanelle (2nd draft) - 2020-07-21
''To Know God's Love,'' a Triolet (1st draft) - 2020-07-16
''O Muse Divine,'' a Triolet (1st draft) (1) - 2020-07-16
All-or-Nothing Thinking (1) - 2020-07-11
''Lines on Melancholy Transforming into Triumphant Truth,'' a Villanelle (1st draft) - 2020-07-10
Bipolar Epiphany (1) - 2020-07-10
Odysseus in Contemplation of His Homecoming to Ithaca and Reunion with Queen Penelope - 2020-07-08
On First Reading ''The Elements'' by Euclid, Young Bertrand Russell Is Forever Transformed by Mathematics - 2020-07-07
Of Cardinal Rules for Young Poets - 2020-07-06

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"To have the soul of a poet is to feel with the mind, and to think with the heart (whilst being sensitive to the divine impulse of God)."