I wrote this poem in 2017 as part of the National Poetry Writing Month in April.


Goodbye / i say to the people in my life / unwillingly/ they have assumed the role of flies / I once read as a proverb in school / it stuck with me / the new month of this year saw a funeral / goodbye / said death to our house / inside we covered ourselves / with the plaster of our skin / to look less human / the sky is something I see only through a window / the air in my lungs is recycled / goodbye / I say to a life in my head / and search for courage / I don't remember saying goodbye to courage / last year was the year of the dentist / I payed so many visits / he remembered my enamel / goodbye / I say to my father when he does not know / goodbye / i say to the grass beneath my feet / I shall pay for your funeral / in lignin / everyday is another day / everyday is the same day / how / goodbye / I say as / time steals me / little by little /

Poetry by Nabeela Altaf
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Written on 2019-06-28 at 20:14

Tags Poem  Story  Poetry 

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
I like this. There are many good lines, and the idea of saying goodbye seems to cause you to think through the many facets of your life, as well as the people in your life, as well as your own mind:

" goodbye / I say to a life in my head "