arguable but possibly true


There is no such thing as noble blood,
no honourable ancestry,
no great enobling ancient traditions,
stories of great quests and glories of the past
that in any way would leave a lasting mark
of individual and personal nobility,
which only can be spiritual:
if you are noble, you are born spiritually with it,
that stamp is of eternity, it is a stain you can't wash off
but are obliged to carry on and cultivate and carry further.
Spirituality of course is most arguable and controversial,
many see it as a hubris, arrogance, presumption
and a most impractical irrationality,
but if it's in your spirit there is nothing you can do
to help it, except being true to that nobility of soul,
a legacy received and carried out
as something of a heritage out of eternity,
and usually it is combined with some advanced philosophy.
Philosophers were usually regarded with suspicion,
disbelief, disdain and more or less discriminated
as outsiders, pariahs, outlaws and abnormal aliens,
but philosophy is nothing but the love and adherence to wisdom;
and if there is anything this monstrous and derailed humanity
stands in urgent need of, it is the philosophy
of a detachment from the aberrations of the human mainstream
of irrationality; and only the nobility of alien philosophy
can differ properly between eternal values and all mortal vanity.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-07-18 at 01:05

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