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Description of "lull me lull " (eBook)"

William Willis

Lovely poem depicting your dear mother. Mother's home baking....cant beat it.
Kinda takes one back to safe childhood memories.

Nishu Mathur

A fine read, beautiful, poignant, a touching tribute to your mother and all mothers. Lovely poetic expressions.

Nishu Mathur

This is beautiful and very moving to read.
Lovely, wistful work.

A warm, loving read.
A beautiful tribute written with flair:)

Mariko Sumikura

Readers will shed tears for the beauty of true love.

Edwin Jepson

a wonderful read, this poem will touch many a heart

Nishu Mathur

Such lovely images and metaphors.Fabulous.

Jewish Storyteller Press

I have received Your poetry and find it very moving. I admire Your work.


Your project sounds very interesting.

S.zaynub Kamoonpuri Wow this is marvellous poetry in description and imagery. I can picture it and your word choice is poetic and great too. I like how u tell of cats lulled to sleep.

William Willis wonderful images are conjured up in this homely poem.

Conrad van den Bergh A beautiful poem with a great introduction creating vivid imagery: "the rustle of autumn leaves, lulled cats, cuddled on the porch." Personally I find this very much in the post-modernistic style of verse. To the point, yet enough to create the image that is needed to take the reader into the next verse where a night time scene is set. The conflict is there: the burnt house and the emotion of belonging to parents. Then the outcome or resolve, is one much like a dream world and a final realization of a better future. This is a great poem and one which I read a few times. Thank you for sharing!

You're a great poet.Your poetry is a masterpiece.Małgorzata Skwarek-Gałeska

I like Your poetry.Your poems are beautiful and so refined. Stanisław Andrzej Średziński

Poems are excellent! You have a chance to become an outstanding poet. Małgorzata Skwarek-Gałęska

Poetry by Anna Banasiak
Read 317 times
Written on 2019-07-18 at 18:28

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