The trees and the sky, As seasons on birds wings.

The trees and the sky,
As seasons on birds wings.
Written by Louise.
A picture as a painting,
A sun lite sky,
Light orange,
To Oranges dark.
A silhouette of trees,
In the flood of sun.
And nature,
Gasps for breath.
And nature,
Gasps for water.
And still, the sun is shining,
On the land.
And nature awaits,
For cooling.
And when evening falls,
And everything becomes quiet.
The wind goes over the land,
And in the morning there is dew,
As love-filled care.
Of wind and rain.
And nature,
Feels caressed,
By the cooling wind,
And sunshine.
Of the seasons.
And so they live,
From Summer to Autumn,
From Spring to Winter.
Four seasons throughout,
The year.
Be blessed with the love of heart,
And may your path be filled with the light,
Of soul and spirit.

Poetry by Louise 55 The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-10-06 at 06:01

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