Within I grow, and as I stumble and fall, I get up and rise again. My heartbeat with the many, my soul flame united. We are one. One light, one soul, one unity. God bless, keep safe, with love always, Louise.

A song within.

A song within.

Words by Louise Oaktree.

There is this song,
Of the heartbeat,
That will always last.
There is this light,
Of the soul flame,
That burns in my chest.
There is the I am,
That I will always be.
A lovely song,
Like a symphony.
It rises far above me,
To way down below.
A melody,
Of spirit as I grow.

Be blessed with the love of heart,
And may your path be filled with the light,
Of the soul and spirit.
@Breath of a soul. (Engels)

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 141 times
Written on 2021-07-31 at 08:42

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