From the beginning, until the end.

From the beginning, until the end.
Written by Louise.
Love of the heart,
Licht of the soul,
Spirit of unity,
Carried by the body.
As rivers,
Of waters,
Go through my,
As beams of sunlight,
Shine on my heart,
And search,
The body.
The body,
At the beginning,
Of existence.
What emerges,
As a new child,
Built-up inside,
By love,
An environment of warmth.
A child,
A new person,
Driven by a spiral,
Of choices,
On its life path.
At the end,
Always returning,
To the child,
That was born,
Years ago,
When the life path,
Back at the moment,
Of Origen.
There where it began,
Lived, loved,
And seen in silence.
A life path walked,
In love lived,
With light shined upon.
With unity permeated.
Finds an infinite feeling,
From the time, into immeasurable time,
That ticks away with every second,
In every moment.
Of now,
Of then and also tomorrow.
Be blessed with the love of heart,
And may your path be filled with the light,
Of soul and spirit.

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 416 times
Written on 2019-10-06 at 06:03

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