A spiritual walk, through the garden of life.

A spiritual walk.
Through the garden of life.
Written by Louise.
Take a walk with me,
Through a land far away.
Take a walk with me,
To a land of everlasting light.
Take a walk with me,
Into the silence of my heart,
Take a walk with me,
And find the beauty,
Of love, light, and shared energy.
Make that walk,
Walk with pride,
With your head held high,
And your love showing.
Take that walk with me,
And see,
Where we are going.
Take that walk with me,
Into spiritual growing.
And receive the love-light,
The soul-glow,
The spiritual oneness,
And become one,
One with me,
One with all.
In united energy.
Be blessed with the love of heart,
And may your path be filled with the light,
Of soul and spirit.

Poetry by Louise 55 The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-10-06 at 06:10

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