Tears and Blood

Men bleed no tears
They shed blood
Men don't leave from fight
They stay to live
Men don't toil nor till
They soil taint their hands
Men don't love nor cherish
They hate, harden hearts
Men despise honour, integrity
They embrace ignobility
Men have no value nor shame
They worship gold and fame
Men have lost women
They have found men
Men stunt blunt their family
They awaken sharpen the enemy
Men don't quench their thirst
They indulge their hunger
Men don't have self control
They feast their urge
Men don't persevere
They chicken out!
Men don't pray nor meditate
They proudly hallucinate
Men don't get ill nor die
They live forever and lie
Men don't cry
They make others cry

Poetry by chuma okafor
Read 395 times
Written on 2019-11-05 at 09:18

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