Trust is a precious and fragile quality. It is the basis of any true relationship.

The Clown

There are moments that I might survive,
Then it all comes crashing down.
I reflect on the words you offered
And find that it was I who was the clown.

Had said I'd just not fall again,
Into words or arms or love,
And way too soon, you wove a web
And fell right from above.

Now, I've looked back and read those words
You sent me every day,
How much you'd always love me,
How thru eternity, you'd stay...

But there were signs and warning flags,
All throughout our time,
I simply kept ignoring them
And thought that you were mine.

We had the talks about the truth,
Of Internet connections.
How many play a godly game,
With lies and such pretensions.

You promised that's not who you were,
That someday we would be.
I found myself believing this,
But I was the fool, you see.

There were others all along the way,
Though, you promised not.
I told you that I wouldn't share
For that would hurt a lot.

And then we hit a rough spot,
When we didn't talk each day.
And I was way too damaged
To understand the play.

And yet thru this, I thought there'd be,
Your arms waiting - open wide.
For these were the things you'd promised me,
A love as eternal as the tides

But it's the shallows one must be wary of,
For often, they are disguised.
And a shallow man is the very worst,
When you are swallowed by their lies.

So, I will cry until the well
Has dried up, yet again.
But understand - because of this,
I will never call you friend.

Poetry by Journey
Read 718 times
Written on 2006-06-04 at 15:47

Tags Relationships 

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