It's about the figure of Greek mythology Prometheus and what we all can learn about his story of selflessness and sacrifice.


Chained in stone
Eaten by eagle alive
Forever in pain

This is the message
Be tormented for others
from the father of men.

'Think before your actions'
is what he literally mean
for us who sheds his blood.

The one, never prayed to
Like Mighty Zeus pater
who drowns the world in flood.

Winning over the world
Beating mighty titans
is it life's glory foretold?

No, says Prometheus
Who steals fire
For those suffering with cold.

Unshakeable virtue
Unbeatable will
with these he never lost.

Not just learn
but what is right
Let's begin with trust.

Haiku by Aviral Niroula
Read 183 times
Written on 2019-12-08 at 23:36

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