A meditative reply to a comment from one of my dear friend regarding my work (Farewell to the President of presidents).

My Response

Warm Greetings Melanie,
First of all thank you for commenting. I hope you are doing well. I am simultaneously flattered and amazed at your comment(my grave concern is that your comment will not diminish; rather make the poem glow and shine brighter). The poem is a year old; 'am curious as to why you chose this poem and now to comment?
Will it be completely out of place to state I sense a disquiet, anger, if not disapproval of my work? And I dare say the taste of that sensing is unpleasant.
If he is not the first American 'black' president; then by all means he is the first American 'half black' president.
I genuinely do not think, I should defend President Obama, more importantly my poem; nor do I owe anyone any explanation.
I am definitely not a racist, (made that clear in my poem - Race); I created that work with the voice, eyes and heart of a black man.
If you overtly accuse me of bias or not being balanced; in that I should also pay tribute to 'white' and 'whiteness'. To that, my answer will be, I lack sufficient interaction, and experience with the whites; may be I would have if I live amongst you.
Admittedly, owing to my humanity, I have in the past paid special tribute to you in my poem - Charmed by an Angel. In addition, I would have loved to read your comments about the style, structure, tone, aesthetics of the poem and not just the politics of the work.
Finally, I am glad you have half black and half white grandchildren, you may kindly want to share how it happened. Anyway, please just know that I sincerely cherish you, hope to God, I meet you in person during this my present earth life . Take good care and cheers.

Poetry by chuma okafor
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Written on 2019-12-16 at 23:13

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melanie sue
I cherish friendship. What is the ultimate commandment? Love God and each other. So simple. It is not your fault. The whole world is deceived. Watch. Be ready. Prophecies unfolding.