My love and Her body.

Faking excuses.
Late replies.
Hate emotions.
Tough words.
Procrastinating promises.

More ignorance.
Closed heart.
Angry face.
Turning head.
Moody mind.
Reckless behaviour.

All of that form her body.
She is really a huge wrecking ball.
She hits me with no clemency.
She cracked me down.
She turned me to sharply fragments.
She spreads me in the air.
Hurting everyone crosses my line.

I will never return back again as I were before she came.
No one will touch me anymore.
I will not approach anyone again.
It was a lesson for the whole time.
I am now fragmented enough and it's difficult to recover again.

If there is in your core still an atom of love, reply as you soon as you receive this poem.

Poetry by Asem
Read 56 times
Written on 2020-02-15 at 07:34

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And who is she? Are u mad at her?