Death on the highway

He lay lifeless
Listless and gutless
On crowded scanty highway
Tattered and ill clad
Without a decent hay
Passers-by strode by
Aimlessly aiming to
To destination nowhere
Chin stiff and pointed
To sun baked ground
Driven by morning breeze
Like lampooned sail
Indifferent and nonchalant To their surrounding
Motorists and bikers
Honking and speeding
Like uncaged dogs at war
Reluctant and stone hearted
To Clarion calls of nature
Alas! he lay, awaiting
The coroner or the vulture
The living and the dead
Both lost their humanity
Before itís time
Time for eternity

Poetry by chuma okafor
Read 284 times
Written on 2020-02-19 at 09:22

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