You know him too.

Jared with one "R."

Jared with one "R" I still think about you and how we talked about what exactly love meant. "I don't know what it means," I had told you, and you smiled and told me to tell you when I found out. You weren't something tangible, just a shadow on the asphalt with bruises up and down your arms, but you were beautiful and untouchable to a third grade mind.

I need you to know that if ever I loved someone it was you, Jared, with the cowlick and the blue eyes that looked so beautiful, even when ringed in fading purple. "I'm klutzy," you told me. "I can kiss them and then they disappear like magic," I replied.

If I could have one wish, I would go back in time and smooth your cowlick, and say "You need to tell someone" and "I hate what he does to you" and "you can't pretend forever." And you would touch my wrist with one finger and say "I know."

But you were gone before the year was over and I saw Mrs. Arwood crying, and oh god Jared, if you're reading this I don't know where you are but I miss you, and Jared, I'm so sorry I kept your secret, and I'm sorry I spelled your name with two "R"s on that valentine I wrote you, and I know what love means now, and I'm waiting to tell you if you still want to know.

Words by Inked.
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Written on 2006-06-06 at 04:04

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Veld Cooper
This is so sad and nostalgic, and reminds us of all the decision points when we seem to have choices we later regret, but can do nothing to change. Thanks for this beautiful poem!

You amazing. Hope hes out there...

At first I thought you meant "jarred." But then I realized that Jared is a boy's name.

This is really sad. As per your norm. But so beautiful all at the same time.