this poem is about a woman who has faced the reality that her boyfriend is no longer in love with her.

You don't love me anymore

Although I look at it from every angle,
it still remains the same,
I know that you don't love me
and noone is to blame.
My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow,
but hanging on
prolongs the agony,
Soon I will have to move on
for there exists no love for me.
The days are never filled with joy
passion left the night air,
There was a time
when love existed between
us and everywhere.
We both keep ignoring
what must take place,
It is not an easy task
this hurdle that we face.
But you don't love me anymore
and so why do I stay?
The time is now
I must go,
I'll always remember yesterday.

Poetry by Donna Lee Marie Balderama
Read 641 times
Written on 2006-06-06 at 09:32

Tags Goodbye 

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lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Donna Marie

a beautiful poem that faces up to the reality of a faded love, nothing is so cold and nothing quite so hurtful well done on the bravery fromt and an awesome poem

rgds Michael

Zoya Zaidi
"The days are never filled with joy
passion left the night air,"

Love is such a powerful emotion,
It engulfs you through and through,
It teaches you the meaning of life,
It makes you aware of yourself.
But when it is gone and its magic over,
You wake up to the truth
You are faced with a new reality,
That nothing, nothing, ever remains forever,
No, matter how it sounds true,
And you realize the fact with a sigh,
And try to come to terms with the truth!

Sorry, it has become a poem, I should post it on my page...
I just got carried away...
So inspiring was your beautiful poem!
Welcome to the Bay!
Dear Donna Lee Marie Balderama,
You are a welcome addition to the Bay!
Love, xxx, Zoya