Walk alone? Never. 06 June 2006.


Tamper with my sounds of ignorance,
Seeping, sorrowing below my feet
As I walk barefooted across this bridge,
The only bridge of bright hope; I know.

I always walk alone but with my company
I hurt as this glass-sharp stone
Figures the one I am;
The one he wants me to be.

My words as acid-rain falls,
Bowed to me like a flashing reign
Of dignity and sympathy to mankind.
Tamper with my sounds of ignorance.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 933 times
Written on 2006-06-06 at 20:26

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oh my god john i am so gald that you are finally back!! where hav eyou been???
great poem! i love it!
amber lynn

Kathy Lockhart
sorry John, thought I hit the 5 rating. :( kathy

Kathy Lockhart
this bridge is it crossing the "sounds of ignorance" that flows beneath it? Are you walking barefoot to expose yourself totaly to "The only bridge of bright hope;I know.? " Is this glass sharp stone, that hurts you, your company? Is it helping to form you to change you? What about these words that seem to be harsh as "acid" rain. Are you moving across this bridge learning more and regreting maybe some harsh words spoken? You leave me with questions. Which is good. Very deeply complex emotional piece that is puzzling me. This is mysteriously Brilliant! Kathy

What a comeback!
Hopefully we'll find out soon enough what kept you away. Maybe the infamous exams that everyone has been slaving
over this time of year.
Good to have you posting again!