A sonnet composed as if George Gordon, Lord Byron had never known love's irreconcilable and diametrically opposed heights and depths and instead had lived and died as a bachelor English aristocrat and poet.

''Lord Byron's Improbable Lament,'' Rescripted

I longed for love, as pure as driven snow
and virgin, before Youth's brief joys succumb;
but, for me, love never transpired; and, although
heartbroken, I persevered to life's autumn.
A lass, princess, or queen have I never
loved, or with ardent nymph have passion-proved
lust's longing fire; thus, deprived for ever,
I disavowed former hopes for my beloved.
Unblemished, pure, artless, and innocent,
without sin, if not virtuous from here to east,
I cast'd aside my youth's salacious bent;
and shunned my lusts as if I were a priest.
Now old and bootless, I've ne'er known desire;
or pierced the flower of a maid on fire.

Sonnet by Ngoc Nguyen The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-04-05 at 07:39

Tags Poetry  Lament  Desire 

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bibek adhikari The PoetBay support member heart!
I like the way you put Byron in the poetic center and wrote a fictional account of his love life. I always adore the revisionist approach in literature. Nicely done!