It was the basic problem of my life,
that I would always overdo it,
going to extremes emotionally
in my love and deep sincerity
of over-sensitive affection,
sometimes bordering on suicidal tendencies:
that was the case of Goethe’s Werther,
which was a most personal experience
by that poet drowning in his overwhelming passion
for a lady he could never make himself quite understandable,
thus ending up in self-consumption of his overbearing love,
and Goethe found it maybe even harder
and more difficult to have to outlast and survive that crisis,
as a poet said, ‘consumed by that which he was nourished by’.
love turning into a perpetual nightmare
for the over-sensitive emotionally vulnerable poet
of constant sleeplessness and torturous unrest
with no release or possibility of a redemption ever,
as such deep and strong sincerity of love
must be the very essence of the poet’s personality,
an innate and insatiable urge to just go on
in blind love and affection in perhaps eternity,
like Paolo and Francesca in that hurricane of hell
that keeps on harrowing its prisoners of love forever,
which Dante witnessed and could understand
as yet another poet suffering of overlove
that never could find any satisfactory and proper outlet.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-05-10 at 01:15

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