They Call Me Black

They call me Black
But they are Colourless

When they go into the sun
They become red

When they stay in the cold
They become white

When they stay near the fire
They become colourless

But when I stay near all these
I still remain Black

Poetry by Onyeka Nwelue
Read 947 times
Written on 2006-06-07 at 16:04

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what a nice poem onyeka!!! love this poetry!!! kissess

Shas Ramlogan
I can totally relate to this. I'm surrounded by friends lacking pigment and they always joke about me having a permanent tan. What a simple but effective way of expressing it. Great piece...made me smile and think of my silly friends.

Kathy Lockhart
Wow, what an unique way of explaining things. However, when I am in the sun, if I am careful and don't over do it, I become tan. When I am in the snow, my nose and cheeks become pink and when I am near a fire I glow rosey, but in the darkness of night I am black. So I am a chameleon! lol :) kathy

Christoffer Waye
haha i have seen a simmaler poem not long ago, it is so classical, i whole heartadly agreee with you, people say the most stupid things, it is because they have nothing better to say :)