PoetBay People: Michael Meddings (lastromantichero)


Mike (lastromantichero) was a very active member of PoetBay, and he quickly endeared himself to people on the site with his smiling, fun-loving, cheeky personality.  All the women on the site would probably tell you that he was on the flirty side (never anything inappropriate, of course!) ... it did become a running gag for which he'd laugh along with us about (he knew how he was).  It was clear to all that Mike loved people and wanted to make them feel good.  And that he did plenty.


He commented on everyone's posts, took the time for everyone, and made many friends out of us.  He cared a lot, and was so kind, he loved to bring laughs.  When he unfortunately suddenly passed away in 2008, it sent a deep shockwave through PoetBay.  The void created by his absence was sorely felt, and he's been missed ever since.


We feel he was a very important part of the community and, like Stan and Don, he's made a lot of people happy.  His wonderful romantic poetry is still with us to enjoy if you'd like to discover a delightfully loving spirit of our community's past.  He will also always be part of PoetBay's good times memories.


You can visit his works at this link :


lastromantichero's PoetHome page







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Written on 2020-06-03 at 04:38

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